Staks Souvlaki Bar was established in 2016 by Anastasis Haros. That's when his mission to recreate the old style Souvlaki began and encapsulate those ancient flavours. Greece has an abundance of beautiful fresh produce, which makes the souvlaki a healthy delicious street food which is renowned and enjoyed all over Greece. It has been very important street food dish which represents this beautiful eastern mediteranean country steeped in history, and can be traced back hundreds generathions. We pride ourselves in being very passionate for this national Greek dish, and only using the best produce in order to create the best Souvlaki full of delicious flavour. we strive in creating that souvlaki or as many tourist will know it as Gyros, that will remind you off home or that holiday destination.


Souvlaki is made up from greek flat bread pitta with a choice off a range off meats like marinated pork gyros witch is the finest cuts off marinated pork staked together and then slowly cooked on a rotiseri. Onions with parsley, beef tomatoes, tzatziki sauce witch is a made from greek yogurt garlic and cucumber one off the greatest dips every created buy man, oregano salted chips. All put together wraped up to create one off the best tasting street foods on the planet. in my eyes souvlaki is a Greek National Treasure.

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